EILEEN ROCKEFELLER is an author, public speaker, and venture philanthropist. Her recent memoir, Being a Rockefeller, Becoming Myself, details a journey of finding herself amidst one of America's most storied families.

Eileen’s newest work, a debut selection of poems titled Space Between, invites you into a more personal place yet still– to join her private relationships with people, nature, and spirit. Continue reading →

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  • "Eileen Rockefeller has always sought the true, the real, the authentic. To read her beautiful book is to join her in a journey toward your own truth, your own real self, your own authenticity."
    —TIMOTHY SHRIVER, Chairman and CEO, Special Olympics
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Eileen's Armchair

  • What?
    April 20, 2018

            This word became too frequently uttered in my house over the last year, as I tried to decipher Paul’s mumbling from the other room.  Last summer I strained to hear the frogs he swore were just … Continue reading