The Book is Available and in the News

We saw the official release of the book this past week.  Thursday, September 12 was the release day and the book is now available in bookstores and online.

Eileen was featured in the New York Times in the Home and Garden section talking about the book.  You can read the article online here.

CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood which airs tomorrow, Sunday, September 15, will include a feature on Eileen and the book by Mo Rocca.  Eileen spent several hours being interviewed for the feature and it includes interviews and a carriage ride with her father, David Rockefeller.  You can see the press release about the show from CBS here. We hope you will tune in!

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9 Responses to The Book is Available and in the News

  1. Julie Witt says:

    Your book is a gift for which I am grateful.

    Most sincerely…..Julie Witt

  2. Valerie Lettera-Spletzer says:

    I saw the episode on CBS this morning which was excellent! I’m looking forward to reading this book and learn more about Eileen’s journey to help the environment.

  3. Eileen Rockefeller says:

    Dear Valerie, I hope you enjoy the book. Glad you liked the CBS interview. It was not all easy doing it, and I wish I had said to Mo Rocca what I really feel; that it’s not about how much money we have, but what we do with it that is what matters to me. But I’m pretty new at all of this. Glad I have friends and supporters while I learn. We all need communities to do something larger than ourselves.

  4. Roy says:

    I have thought for some time that the Rockefeller family represents the very best of the privilege and responsibility of wealth in this country. I thank you in advance for this book, I look forward to reading it.
    Have you considered making any autographed copies available?

    • Eileen Rockefeller says:

      Hello Roy,
      My apologies for not writing sooner. I’ve had a non-stop book tour schedule and am only now catching up!

      For you or anyone else you know who would like an autographed copy of my book, the best way to get one signed is to order it through the Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vermont: [email protected]. They will keep them for me to sign and then send them directly to you.

      I hope this helps.
      Warm regards,

  5. Mary P. Cavanagh says:

    I was so looking forward to watching your segment on CBS Sunday Morning when there was a power outage in my home. I’m happy that my I could eventually watch you on my iPad. The segment was very enjoyable. I look forward to reading your book! Thank you for sharing your stories with the world.
    Mary P. Cavanagh

    • Eileen Rockefeller says:

      Dear Mary,
      I hope you have enjoyed my book by now. I’d be interested to know what you thought of it, and which parts spoke to you most.

      Warm regards,

  6. Eileen Rockefeller says:

    Dear Roy, Thank you for your kind words. It IS possible to get autographed copies. Just contact my local bookstore, called The Flying Pig. The email is: [email protected].
    The phone number is: 802-985-3999. I check with the bookstore regularly and will inscribe and have them send it to you. Happy reading! Eilelen

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