Loving The Snow

If you live in the northeast you might have had enough snow by now. But yesterday morning it was so beautiful I just had to write about it. A friend challenged me to produce an “aubade”, a musical composition or poem in appreciation of dawn in the same way a nocturne is of night.  The first image I evoke is of Snowdrops, tiny bell-like flowers that are the first to emerge in spring. Here is the poem:

Waking to Snow

When all the world’s a Snowdrop
Without the stem and just the top
On top of tufts on trees and trunks
With branches hunched like prayerful monks
Then do we wake to silent peace
No plane above or winged geese
To interrupt our sky of mind
With white on white that makes us blind
To depth or shape, where all is one
And each of us a gasp of lung
To see the drifts of white
Enough to whet our appetites
To write a verse and feel the thirst
For peace to kiss the universe.


How do you feel about the snow this time of year?


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21 Responses to Loving The Snow

  1. Wanda M Urbanski says:

    Love the verse and the photograph. The image of snow on the road makes me recall my years in Maine and Massachusetts. We’ve had snow and ice here in North Carolina — as recently as Tuesday — but it’s just not the same. Your post makes my heart yearn for New England.

  2. Phyll says:

    Beautiful! Love it. And, your poem and photo. So fresh, light, and bright! Perfect for sleigh rides, too. Sky so blue. . .snow so white. . .it’s all just right, just right, just right!

  3. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Lovely photo and poem…

    “Knot Snow”

    The white and blue sky above replies.
    The brim grass, not yet green,answers,
    The kids next door are jumping high
    on the trampoline.
    “We” have just enough sun for the
    daffodils, here, today.

  4. Steven Locke says:

    What a beautiful poem and photograph. Eileen you are an artist.

  5. Jacqui Meyer says:

    Oh, my dear Eileen, how wonderful to see the sublime connection in Mother Nature in all it’s light, through your eyes and words. How I cherish reading it, as I sit here with my faithful companion Picchu, in my mother’s chair in their cozy home in Cambridgeshire, contemplating my fifth and final visit with them, for this trip. Dementia has stolen so much of who they were from me, and yet I catch glimpses of their former selves and delight in the tender moments we share together and recall the life-long memories … And yet I pray that God will call my beloved parents home soon, so that their souls may fly free of their very old, weakened bodies and lost minds. Your stark and beautiful photograph accompanied by your wise and wondrous words, remind me of the beauty and mystery to be found in even the most barren corners of life. Blessings and love, my friend.

  6. martin/joan j rosen says:

    to kiss the univers
    e…i like that. marty rosen

  7. Dori ingalls says:

    Beautifully peaceful. Thank you Eileen!

  8. BJ McCleary says:

    Love snow any time during winter, early spring.

  9. John Eldridge says:

    No wonder it’s the Ides of March. Trees with winter coats on. How blissful!

  10. Hinda Miller says:

    loved the poem. We spend the winter in Florida now. You wetted my senses to that brilliant white/ on/ white cold day. Ahhhhh..
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  11. Larry Jones says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing Eileen.

  12. louisegil5 says:

    Eileen–this is a gorgeous photo and exquisite poem!! Since I live in SF Bay Area, right now, we are praying for more rain!! Sometimes I wish that I lived in New England, where my grandpa had a dairy farm eons ago.

  13. Damon Vickers says:

    just exquisite!

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