New Life

While I have not been writing posts for a while now, the birth of our new Morgan colt has come at a welcome time after the loss of my father. Valley View Rock n’ Roll, or ‘Rocky’, arrived at 2am last Thursday, May 26th.

He is full of natural curiosity, and when not sleeping or suckling his very patient mom, he is scampering about the field or inquiring as to who this two-legged person is kneeling before him!

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  1. paulbinder says:


    Beautiful little guy.


  2. Wanda Urbanska says:

    They say a photo is worth 1,000 words. Yours certainly are. Thank you for sharing these photos that confirm the importance of the gift of life. Much love, Eileen, during this time of transition for you.

  3. Dori Ingalls says:

    Welcome to your Vermont world Rocky!

  4. Win SmithWin says:

    Nothing more fun to watch than a new colt frolicking in the pasture

  5. Steve Kieselstein says:

    Wow! Look forward to meeting Rocky!

  6. Barbara McCleary says:

    So sorry to hear of your father’s passing, but so happy to see new life on your farm. Off to Bar Harbor area end of June. Barb Mc

  7. louisegil5 says:

    Oh Eileen, how absolutely precious…..”grandma!” I love the picture with you and Rocky and your message of life’s continuity. The photo of this newborn running in the field makes me so happy to see! xoxo Louise

  8. Michael London says:

    I hope Mom and Rocky are doing well. The youngster is adorable!

  9. Hi, Eileen,

    Nice to meet Rocky and nice to know that you’re back in the saddle or, to be more specific, the armchair.

    I see a great little book—part diary, part pictures, about horses and about, well, the unity of LIFE—co-written by Rocky and you. The two of you live the story; he supplies the visuals; and you supply the words. “Horse & writer.”

    Glad you’re back….


    P. S. A fine quartet of legs, Rocky!—R.

  10. Beautiful pictures. Life is truly a gift and a miracle.

  11. Sr. Susan M Greene, diGA-RDC says:

    Two beautiful horses. I often think of your father and all your family has done to support the arts. The Cloiters is one of my favorite spots in NYC…

  12. joan says:

    Eileen . . .

    As one who was told by her own mother that all horses deserve – at least once in their lives – to be loved by a young girl – I was sent to a camp in Colorado called Perry-Mansfield (still there) where each girl brought her own horse with her for her summer riding in the mountains. We were strangers in the beginning – strangers who became bonded for life because of our love of our horse. It was a private fraternity we thought. . and yet, it became lifelong friendships as well.

    What has come to mind as I fell in love with the beautiful photos today: you have recently had one of the major losses of your own life recently — for which my heart goes out to you . . . but now you have seen the birth of new life in this beautiful colt — a beauty that you already love. In some ways, it somehow tells us that life really is a circle. . and this may have come as a blessing, Eileen.

    I believe it did.

    In my bedroom, so gorgeously engraved on a metal plaque are the words: A horse is an angel without wings. Somehow, somehow, I feel that you feel the same — with all the symbolism that may hold.


  13. Rebecca Weil says:

    Ah what a beauty!! Love seeing these pictures!

  14. Hi Eileen,
    Congratulations on the birth of your new colt, Rocky. His spirited name, alone, must bring smiles to many! Hope you have an interest in starting to write, again. Think about it…

  15. Rachel Kahn-Fogel says:

    Dear Eileen,

    What an inspiring message and what beautiful photos! I understand your sorrow, for my beloved brother, Joel Simmons Kahn, an anthropologist in Melbourne, Australia, died there on May 1st, so far away from us. So we have been sad ever since. But I love what you wrote and the images you sent.


    Rachel Kahn-Fogel

  16. Phyll says:

    A Haiku for You. . .

    Rocky. Ready, Love
    Your heart and his are like one.
    Life calls. Enjoy all!

  17. Pat says:

    New births and new beginnings are reminders of the miracle of life. He looks very spirited (a handful).

  18. DE Azevedo Patricia says:

    Everything you need for your happiness … it is truly magnificent! ღ♘I love.

  19. roberta puschel says:

    On a dreary day in Vermont, I laughed and said welcome to this beautiful world, Rocky! Can’t wait to see you “in person”……

  20. Kerry Crofton says:

    Wonderful, Eileen, to see the joy on your face as you and Rocky have that bonding meeting of the minds.

    Thought of you when I first heard the news of your father’s passing.

    He was, as you know, a remarkable man much admired around the world for his legacy of goodness and generosity.

  21. susan goldstein says:

    What a joy to see these beautiful photos and can’t wait to meet Rocky!

  22. hodderel says:

    Sending much love, Eileen, to you and Paul and all our Rockys..Lissa

  23. Sara Byruck says:

    Happy to see you back in your armchair!

  24. Mac McConnell says:

    My sister has been a Horse Person all of her life, but I had my only real acquaintance while living in Cairo. A nice lady taught me to ride, and we later owned horses we used for riding around the pyramids at under the moon. A memorable period in our lives. I could also amuse you with the story of my experience administering antibiotics to a horse owned by the lady mentioned above! Nice to see you print again.

  25. Steve Johnson says:

    Glad you’re back in the armchair, Eileen. We’ve missed you.

    The circle of life never ceases to amaze — welcome Rocky! And re your dear dad, a word from our friend Longfellow:

    Death takes us by surprise,
    And stays our hurrying feet;
    The great design unfinished lies,
    Our lives are incomplete
    But in the dark unknown,
    Perfect their circles seem,
    Even as a bridge’s arch of stone
    Is rounded in the stream.
    Alike are life and death,
    When life in death survives,
    And the uninterrupted breath
    Inspires a thousand lives.
    Were a star quenched on high,
    For ages would its light,
    Still traveling downward from the sky,
    Shine on our mortal sight.
    So when a great man dies,
    For years beyond our ken,
    The light he leaves behind him lies
    Upon the paths of men.

    ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Fondly, Steve

  26. Georgianna says:

    Rocky is beautiful! I was excited to receive the email! Glad you are back! Sorry for the late comment to your post. I have been out of town.

    I just read in my Colonial Williamsburg magazine of the passing of your aunt in May. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Would love to see more pictures of Rocky as he grows up.

  27. Georgianna says:

    I apologize for not mentioning the passing of your father in the previous comment. What a great legacy he left.

    Warm Regards,

  28. Sofía Ospino says:

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