Wrapping It Up


As the season of gift giving is about to begin, I find myself reflecting on all that I’ve done, or not done, and what I want to do differently in the New Year. My urge to gather loose ends and wrap up presents is all part of the same flow. I thank each of you loyal readers for opening my blog week after week over the past two and a half years. Many of you shared your responses, either publicly or through email. I’ve enjoyed the connections tremendously, so the decision to conclude after this post was not easy.

It’s hard to say which meant more to me, the gifts of writing, or reading your responses. I loved the weekly meditation on whatever surfaced as worthy of notice, and loved as much your comments.

But everything has a natural ending. Often the timing feels right when something comes full circle, or there’s a growing sense of wholeness inside.

Becoming oneself has been the major theme of both my book and blog. In rereading my first post from June 2013, I’m struck by the circularity of theme from then to now. Becoming oneself is a form of coming home. I wrote, “Turtles carry their homes on their backs. They don’t need the protection of the outside world to say, ‘I’m home.’”


Being home is a form of belonging. Ironically, we have to leave home in order to become ourselves.

I don’t know what’s next for me. I just know that the work in this chapter of my life is done, and I’m ready for the mystery of the next to unfold.

As I wrap up my blog, I want to leave you with a few gifts from things I’ve learned along the way:

1. Care for yourself every day.
2. When you feel you don’t belong, connect with nature or friends.
3. Find beauty. It helps dissipate fear.
4. Breathe deeply to find presence.
5. Presence connects you to everything.
6. Live the life that’s true to you, not the one you were expected to live.
7. Let go of everything you hold onto. Life is there to catch you.

Thank you for your good and abiding company. May you find comfort and peace in becoming and being yourself.

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54 Responses to Wrapping It Up

  1. Sue Dixon says:

    Eileen – I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better through your blog. I’ll miss you regular sharing of your musings and thoughts, but I totally understand and respect your decision to move on to the next chapter. May the force be with you. Love, Sue

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thanks Sue. I confess, after reading so many nice comments, I’m beginning to feel like Tom Sawyer at his own funeral, hiding under the floorboards! I’m happy that my weekly postings have been appreciated and I look forward to seeing what emerges as the next chapter! Happy Holidays to you! Eileen

  2. Iain kelly says:

    What a great list. Will make daily reading as wallpaper for my iPad.

  3. Lili Ruane says:

    Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with us through each posting. I have treasured them all. Sending you love and peace for now, the holidays and always. XOXOX Lili

  4. Steve Apkon says:

    Dear Eileen, I have so enjoyed your blog and am also so excited for you (and us) to see what is next for you! And thanks for your final gift of your list – it’s beautiful. With love and gratitude! steve

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thank you Steve for such a warm comment. I am curious to see what comes next too! And glad you liked the gift. All the best and love to you too. Eileen

  5. Kimberly Rockefeller says:

    Dear Eileen,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog these last many months. Often your writings uplifted my state or had me contemplating nuances often ignored. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, humor and insights. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Kimberly

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Gosh, I had no idea you were reading it Kim! What a nice gift to learn as much. I’m glad you found it uplifting. I hope I’ll see you over the holidays. Love, Eileen

  6. I have only been on board a few months, so I am saddened to see this inspirational, thought provoking blog coming to an end. Expressing ideas through writing and letting go of what no longer serves you is such a vital exercise in this crazy world. You will be missed! Thanks for all!

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Dear Anni, sorry to disappoint. But perhaps you will enjoy reading back posts, from other years as well. Thanks for your encouragement. I’m sure I’ll keep writing, and perhaps will do a blog again someday. With all best wishes to you in the unfolding of your own life.

  7. Joanne DePuy says:

    Ditto all of the above…accompanied by a warm hug

  8. Anita Royer says:

    I too will really miss your wonderful blog Eileen. Some of your postings have reached and me like no other. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have written and shared, and will stay tuned for what is yet to come. Your gift is remarkable.

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thanks Anita. What you said means a lot to me. I’m sure our paths will cross one way or another before too long. Happy holidays to you and your family. Eileen

  9. Linda Butcher says:

    I will miss reading your blog and the inspirations you imparted to all who read it. I wish you peace an joy and clarity on your next endeavor. Enjoy the journey. Linda Butcher

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Dear Linda, So nice to know you have been reading my blog! I hope we see you and Tom before too long. Happy holidays. Eileen

  10. notakid says:

    Always put a smile on my face when I saw your name in the inbox. Sometimes I even left it for a later time to really savor all your wise and uplifting words. Other times, I just jumped right in and
    devoured it immediatlely. Will certainly miss it and am thankful for all you shared.

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Oh, this is so sweet to read. I’m touched by your words, and am happy that my posts moved you to open them sometimes right away! Thank you. Blessings. Eileen

  11. Dear Eileen,
    Your list is a testament to your thoughtfulness and perceptiveness.. The points you raise offer guidance in how to live a life that is purposeful and positive in its effect on others. I have so enjoyed reading your blog.
    Thank you,

  12. Pat says:

    Will miss your pearls of wisdom. You have given much and many times the seed was planted to grow in our lives. Thank you

  13. holly says:

    Awwww, no more weekly blogs! They will be missed but I trust that your generous, wise and caring spirit will never cease to find ways to create heartfelt, meaningful connection for yourself and for others. May whatever comes next bring you joy! Your pal, Holly

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thanks for your comment! You are right that I”ll continue to find more ways to find meaningful connection with myself and others. Ideas are bubbling up already! love, Eileen

  14. Stephanie Wright says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and joys. I have enjoyed reading the blog these past many months. On to new adventures! Stephanie

  15. Phyll says:

    Endings and beginnings. . .
    Have a natural flow;
    But some chapters touch our hearts
    With amazing magic that flows.

    Such was your blog
    Enjoyed by many, far and near
    Looking forward to Tuesdays, and
    Your inspiring insights we held so dear.

    In this world of oft “black and white”
    You shined light on what we all think about
    Yet, seldom voice or hone.
    From your pen to our hearts, we always felt “at home.”

    Yet, it seems the time has come for you
    To do what’s right: and write,
    Dream, play, ride, drive, be with
    Family closer by your side.

    You were our rainbow, so colorful and pure
    How can it be the end? It all feels too soon.
    Wishing you stars and sunny skies for sure, yet,
    Let’s not say, “goodbye”, rather, “adieu”. . .

  16. Paul Binder says:

    I’m grateful for all the sharing that you’ve done Eileen. I’ll miss reading your words, meditations and thoughtfulness. I feel honored to k
    now you.

    My loving best


    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thanks very much Paul. I feel honored to know you too! I love that you have lived your dream. Keep dreaming! Hugs, Eileen

  17. Liesje Smith says:

    Thank you, Eileen, for all your graceful touches to life! May beauty unfold for you wherever you go!

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thank you Liesje. Beauty is what inspires me every day. May it follow you around as well! love, Eileen

  18. Darrel says:

    Thank you for the book and your blogs. Both provided starting points to take your thoughts and run with them, not letting any “boxes” get in the way. I’d wish you best of luck, but you have never relied on luck for your successes. I trust that your future activities will benefit many, just as the book and blogs have benefited me. A life touched is a life changed, sometimes for the better, and sometimes not. My life has been made better

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Dear Darrel. What a nice statement about not relying upon luck. I feel really seen by you. Thank you for that gift. May you continue to use your vision for the betterment of others and the world. Eileen

  19. Alice says:

    It’s been wonderful reading your blog Eileen – and your book was a joy to read.

    All the best,

  20. Irene Horbar says:

    Your clear,wise and comforting voice will be missed.

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thanks Irene. What a nice surprise to discover you had been reading my blog! I hope you and Jeff are well. Happy holidays to you.

  21. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, poems, photos and insights about “what works in life”. Your Tuesday blog worked in ways that created creativity, friendship, inspiration and understanding. I do hope my blogs brought smiles to you and others.

    There is, always, time in one’s day for thinking.
    One, naturally, follows the flowering bends nature creates.
    The salted scent of the ocean’s mist gives breath a needed jolt.

    There is, always, time to begin, again and again and again… EMN

    So, as you close your blog and open another path for creativity and health, please know that I
    appreciated your friendship and that of other bloggers. We shared…

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Yes, it’s been wonderful to share with so many readers. Thanks for all your comments. Blessings. Eileen

  22. Dear Eileen,
    Thank you for this one last entry that will leave us with such a positive, uplifting message and tools for the times we live in!
    Blessings and love,

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thank you for writing Clare. I’m so happy you found this last post to be positive and uplifting. That was my intention! With love, Eileen

  23. Dearest Eileen, thank you so much for being our Muse during these past two years! May your next venture come to you as a delightful and unexpected surprise. With gratitude and
    Much Love, Louise

  24. Hurrah for you, dear friend! Yippee for respecting your “inner knowing” and for nurturing the sensitivity and courage to look ahead towards creating new joys. I’m excited for you! Let’s have an adventure together! I love the journey we share. Yay Eileen!

  25. eileenrockefeller says:

    Adventures are on the horizon. Let’s make a plan! Thanks for your wonderful support Alison.
    Love, Eileen

  26. Joyce Ingalls says:

    Dear Eileen,

    Once again I find myself owing you a thank you note. The first one you so graciously published in September, 1013 regarding a college scholarship I was fortunate to receive from Standard Oil Company.

    This time is to say thank you for all the beautiful and heart-felt musing you have shared with all of us through this web site. The announcement of your “retirement” comes at a time when I’m finding myself needing to make a similar decision — the difference is I didn’t realize I needed to do that until you so courageously put it into words.

    An intricate part of my life has always been to contribute however I can to others and I do that primarily by crocheting warm winter hats for homeless men, women and children. As I finished hat number 1,200, I found I could not start another one.

    Something was missing and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I found the answer in my e-mail from you: it’s time to move on.

    Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for your words.

    Always, Joyce

  27. eileenrockefeller says:

    Dear Joyce, You leave me shaking my head in awe. One thousand two hundred hats for homeless men, women and children, could be a blog post in itself. What amazes me is you had the stamina, commitment, and love to make even 200, never mind an additional 1000! Truly, you amaze and inspire me.

    I’m moved to hear that my decision to move on was helpful to you. It reminds me that there is great power and support in community. Even though we don’t know each other, we have influenced each other in positive ways. This is true I believe for everyone. We can’t change in isolation. Thank goodness there are new and evolving ways to find satisfaction and build community – even virtual community — to encourage each other along our path to wholeness.

    May you reap the benefits of all you have given over your life time, how hard you have worked, and how much you have led from you heart. If ever I have the privilege of meeting you, I want to give you a hug. Blessings, Eileen

  28. Eileen,
    In this short time I was able to connect with you through this lovely blog. I will miss opening up these emails and reading something different. Too much of the secular & social media outlets are so horrible. The posts in your blogs were abstract,refreshing and always took me to another place in my mind. This was my place to find solace when I needed to reset especially when you responded eloquently to my emails. I will miss that. I hope you get the chance to read the few recent articles reported in the Wall Street Journal and NY Times about my program Green City Force. I left the links below. I hope you can enjoy the work we’re doing with these disconnected youth in the city’s forgotten urban communities. I also ask that you save the date of January 27th which is our next graduation ceremony. Location is still being determined. But, that might be a great opportunity for you to meet our team and participants. Looking forward to being in touch again soon.

    Lawrence D. Harris
    Senior Team Leader
    Green City Force
    630 Flushing Ave, 8th fl
    Brooklyn NY 11206
    Cell: 347-839-8100
    E: [email protected]

    FYI – Here is a great Wall Street Journal article on about Green City Force.

    In addition, here is a New York Times article about one of our graduates who held an internship at Bloomberg.

  29. Georgianna says:

    Dear Eileen,
    I am saddened to read that this is your last blog. Your writings have inspired me, made me think, and challenged me in so many ways. I always looked forward to reading your blogs, and trying to answer the thought provoking questions you would leave. You are a very kind person. Someone that I feel I could just sit down with, have a glass of tea and start chatting. You are truly a gifted person.

    When I read your book I couldn’t hardly put it down. It will stay on my bookshelf as a keeper. I know I will re-read it one day. I know you will move on do other great things. But I will truly miss reading your blogs.


  30. eileenrockefeller says:

    Dear Georgianna, Sorry for the tardy reply. Your words were so encouraging that I almost thought about rekindling my blog! But for now I need to sit in the quiet of winter and de-cluttering my home to see what next rises out of the silence. Wishing you good things in 2016. Blessings, Eileen

  31. Gordon McGrath says:

    I imagine you being ordained in some sect of christianity and having a very large and faithful following. Get thee a church!
    p.s. Sorry to miss your imitation of your mother who was a real live wire. Loved her letter on the nonecessity of correct spelling.Would she love or hate spellcheck?

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