New Year’s Poem, 2014

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If last year had a word for me
it was “Yes.”
And asked if I had a word today
for what 2014 has to say
it is “No.”

The hula-hoop was last year’s image.
Around and around the galaxy of me
twirling from a place of glee.
I went farther
than my biggest dream
to meet you, and you, and you;
jewels in sunlight,
each of you.

This year I have a lasso
to twirl above my head
and toss with aim
if the warped one in me escapes
too far afield, and tries to dominate.
I’ll throw it straight towards her,
encircling and pulling her in
to me.

I’m starting to know
that “no” means free.

Eileen Rockefeller
January 1, 2014

What words or phrases have you thought of to guide your intentions for 2014?

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5 Responses to New Year’s Poem, 2014

  1. jsholmes says:

    1)Listen 2)travel

  2. Donna C says:

    1. Focus and Finish
    2. Give Thanks each Day

  3. joaneee says:


    Your writing ability looks to have no bounds . . . and I see that in your words, in your poems, with your own ease in sharing your inner self, you are easing open the long-closed doors of others to express what may not be so easily shared until now. You have a true gift.

    My own beliefs do not seem to waver year after year: I do my best to live each day to the very fullest, trying – at least – to be there for others, most often as a listener or a cheerleader or a helper. In so many ways, this helps me to learn and grow and become more valuable in so doing.

    And – as a corrollary, somewhere within, I have the belief that begins with “Do unto others . . .” and I do the best I am able to . . . and my heart is warmed.

    All else has always flown outward from those intrinsic beliefs, making life full to bursting . . . and making me feel blessed.

  4. imlastof11 says:

    Peace , courage and honesty with what life throws at me this year 🙂 and hear we go the ride has begun.

  5. Elaine Naddaff says:

    wonderful poem and illustration… Could you elaborate on who the “warped you” is in the real world? I find the word “warped” to be hysterical and techie at the same tiime!

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