Permission – A Poem

A few months ago I participated in a meditation retreat. After a long period of silence we were allowed to share whatever was on our mind. I wrote this poem from a place of inspiration after listening to a woman I had only just begun to get to know. Sometimes the most important lessons can come from a brief encounter.

Permission poem - 5

Her questions became my questions, for they are universal ones.  But how often do we feel safe enough to ask them? Who will listen? Who will lend a hand? My experience has told me that by sharing from a place of innocence, we invite in the feminine in others: listening, sharing, allowing, nurturing, holding, comforting. These are some of the qualities of the feminine archetype. The feminine is a force for healing. It needs the masculine to be whole, but most of us have been taught the masculine without giving equal value to the feminine. I will talk more about this in future blogs, but for now, I’d like to know:

What do you need? Who do you get it from? Where might you look?

Blessings upon your innocence and your innate goodness.

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8 Responses to Permission – A Poem

  1. Diane says:

    Once again I am struck with the power of your soft, simply stated writing. Self-care and care for others, so gently revealed. Exquisite.

  2. Eileen Rockefeller says:

    Thank you Diane. I’m glad you enjoyed this. It’s amazing how simple self-care can be. Someone once told me: there are complicators, and simplifiers. The person who inspired this was a simplifier. It’s kind of bare-bones thinking. Here’s to your own self-care.

  3. Cassandra Rose says:

    I do applaud your depth Eileen. Bring the Essence of Life to the forefront !! Thank You

    What you write in this Post and all your post’s is the education children should be receiving in pre school, kindergarten , first grades etc more then the ABC’s etc..

    With learning done on line today.. it is proven how easy the left brain picks up the basics of letters, numbers etc.. but the Emotional Intelligence of who one is does NOT get taught at all.. Most do not receive it in their homes either as their parents were not taught a sense of self nor boundaries etc.

    Most people think mental emotional verbal financial domestic violence is in poor homes..
    The reality is It is 100X worst in upper class homes then in poor homes…
    Open hearts, giving without thoughts of receiving is NOT standard in any part of life..

    For me working 40 yrs as a Global Behavioral Social Scientist on Aging..
    The suffering in people today is enormous…
    Your gentle writings being that your name of Rockefeller is associated with leadership
    I am willing to have a huge impact on people !
    Open this door to permission for self worth and self love. Reclaim Self !

    As It has become a standard lifestyle to live a pretend life. To say Oh it’s Ok.. No Problem..
    Oh well that is way the cookie crumbles.. Oh they did not mean it.. I just have to buck up..
    suck up and put that mask on again and go out and manipulate to get what I need.

    Every time a person over looks a negative they are building more walls, more disassociation within themselves.. They are becoming more and more characters in a play.
    NOT living a authentic life where they are in tune with selves and life around them.

    Acceptance of others much less oneself is not to be found today as the Media is set up to make people very insecure and fear full… Everyone is explaining selves, or patronizing others..
    Turning themselves inside out to fit a ” Image” or “Role’. Rather then owning the Power of selves.

    Where is the ” Presence” ? Where is the CORE of person being solid holding ground ?
    That is what Life is… Where you find this self of course is in Nature, in simplicity etc, in quiet.
    But most are conditioned to run from these things..No better place to see what LIFE is about
    in 2013 then to observe people in their cars.. The running the chasing in suspended animation.

  4. Eileen Growald says:

    Dear Cassandra,
    Thank you for your nice reply. We all struggle to find our core. It is the wellspring of purpose. Blessings on finding yours.

    • Cassandra Rose says:

      No I never struggled to find my Core..
      as I never lost the deep purpose I born with as I am Deaf !

      I apologize you did not understand my message Eileen..
      I was trying to say your book will be very healing
      and why this healing is so needed by describing all the Behaviors people do without thinking .

      That most are running through life or as here in Fl with elderly watching it go by
      rather then being in the Moment SENSING themselves and all around them
      in the Present Moment.. Listen spells Silent.

      We have so many senses we do not use as they got blocked by the man made
      world that is focused on Sound and Visual…

      I can tell by what you write.. That this seeing life through your SENSES
      must be a part of your book and how excellent someone like yourself
      a Rockefeller is living via feeling and saying Yes you have Permission !

      I am 40 yrs working at being a Global Behavioral Social Scientist on Aging.
      I observe pattern of behaviors in people as that is who people really are.
      We are the DATA our algorithm’s give off… Our Words are actually meaningless.

      I am in the life extension field of aging.. We focus on how the human system
      is made and works via knowing the science truth behind it…
      What people have to comprehend ” Struggle” has Zero to do with Life !!
      ” Struggle” came out of the ” Minds” of Men to keep people in control over the ages.

      Struggle, difficulty, even fear, darkness etc is not part of the human make up.
      When the Genome was sequenced in 2000 it proved we Humans are not part
      of the animal kingdom… We are ECOlogy… We grow thrive like Nature…

      We age due to expansion like the rings on the tree..
      We flower, We blossom, we throw off layers but always keep the Center Core unfolding
      We do not age in linear ladders of years etc stacked on top of each other.
      Life is about Living not dying as we are being told etc..

      Why I like what you write.. You comprehend and understand this spatial world
      you are in.. and even more valuable you resonate with it !!
      I appreciate that ! Your book will awaken Many. In Gratitude , Cassandra

  5. Eileen Rockefeller says:

    Dear Cassandra, Thank you so much for your thoughtful email. It feels so validating to get your honest and in depth feedback. I wish you well in all that you do.

  6. Susan Balsamo says:

    I am so looking forward to your book, payday is around the corner for me so I am patiently waiting. Your Interview was amazing on Sunday Morning. Looking forward to your calming words, they settle me deep inside. Your a very wise women. very deep with thought and very from your soul…Thank You.

  7. Eileen Rockefeller says:

    Dear Susan, Thank you for your kind response to the CBS Sunday Morning interview. It was a new experience for me and I’m glad you found my words calming. I can’t say I was calm upon delivery, but somehow I seem to come across that way. I hope you enjoy my book. You might prefer to buy it on audio, as that’s available too. Whichever way suits you. I send you my best.

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