The Power of Prayer & Meditation


It was 5:30 a.m. on the morning of Paul’s surgery when our two sons knocked on the door to come say morning prayers with him. The dark of night still lingered as they lit the room with their voices.

Prayer and meditation was only tangential to my upbringing, but in the family Paul and I raised, we have brought it into our home, around our table, between held hands. Prayer can be arms around our shoulders as meditation is the air we breathe. In this time of healing, when every hour brings new information, I am grateful for access to both.

During the hours of Paul’s surgery, I spent almost two hours listening to meditative music. It helped me relax in a time of worry, and connected me with the Divine. I wrote the following poem afterwards:

My heart opens to breath.
Your heart opens to surgery.
Our hearts marry the universe
sparkling gold glitter around your body
and dark red, purple colors in the cave of your heart.
A man appears from the Peruvian jungle;
white teeth, wide smile,
bearing good news without words.
A package arrives in the universe of mind.
“For your father.”
Hmmm! How did he get here?
He is here, along with all who you love.
Sweet, dark, purple love,
a baby in the midst of your heart
is born anew in you.
Eternal light within the dark
Liquid sound, soothed by exacting fingers
know what to do to fix your valve.
My heart opens into yours
like water, tumbling together
into the heart of death and life.

Many hours later when the surgeon called to talk to us, I asked him if Paul had said a blessing for him and his team. This had been his plan. “Yes, and it was very moving to all of us,” said his surgeon. “In fact he gave us a little speech…He talked about the blessing of each of us and our skill; about the miracle of the human body, the beauty of nature and the band of angels whom he believed were embodying each of us in the room.”

Paul had prayed with his boys in the morning and had meditated before being wheeled in for surgery. It all contributed to a positive outcome. After a much longer and more arduous surgery than anyone imagined, he is stronger with every breath.

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17 Responses to The Power of Prayer & Meditation

  1. joaneee says:

    Finding a new poet is like finding a wildflower deep in the woods: blossoming where no flowers seem to grow, pushing up through the soil and reaching skyward toward the heavens, day by day showing us its vast array of colors — each more brilliant than the last it seems. There is a strong sense of self here: first, a fragile stem that quickly becomes sturdier with belief that all things are possible under the sun; but then putting forth blooms that those who come on it just marvel at.

    To me, Eileen, you have found your talent and yourself. And just think: you’ve only just begun.

    Your story of Paul on the day of the operation was the most touching I have ever heard . . . and with that strong belief shared with those who would be responsible that day proved an inspiration.
    Joy and a sense of a weight lifted for you all will carry you through, your apprecation of life only heightened.

    Sending continued prayers and love — along with the belief that there will a carpet of flowers in the woods in spring, commemorating a new, fresh beginning for you and Paul and the boys.

    What wonderful news!!!!!


  2. jsholmes says:

    And may peace be with all of you on your walk

  3. Darrel says:

    My son is CEO of a hospital. He is a strong advocate of prayer and meditation. He has said repeatedly that studies show that prayer aids healing, even if the person that is prayed for is not aware of the prayer. Thank you for sharing your story of how you used these powerful tools..

    • Thank you Darrel. I started a mind/body institute in the 80’s and was aware even back then of the power of prayer. Positive affirmations to the patient showed their discharge to be 3 days ahead of those who did not have them. Thanks so much for writing.

  4. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Thank you for sharing the great news. I am so happy for you and your family. Your poem was
    inspiring and loving.

  5. imlastof11 says:

    We too are so blessed to have a plastic surgeon who loves what he does and not the money, it shows too. I give them cards every other visit to tell them what miracles they have been involved it. They love it being as they like teachers are sometimes not appreciated. Yes Our Lord God is still in the miracle profession 🙂 we received 4 on my birthday Jan. 27 the pray chain really work, I’m convinced totally. glad it worked for you and your family.

    • Yes, I think too often we forget that those who are being paid to help us, in any capacity, need appreciation and respect too. Having these experiences, and having Paul’s example, as well as yours, are good reminders to all of us. Blessings.

  6. Juidth A. Meyncke says:

    Praise the Lord!

    Beautiful poem…….

    Thank you for the thoughtful update.

    Will continue to pray..

    Love and Peace,


  7. Diane says:

    “The dark of night still lingered as they lit the room with their voices.”–poetry even in your prose. What an inspiring image of that morning and of your family. The spiritual strength of your family will no doubt speed Paul’s recovery.

    • Supportive family does indeed make a difference. And so do the concentric circles of friends and community of all kinds. Thanks for being part of it! We get to go home on Monday.

  8. Once again, Eileen, your heart spurs me to think beyond the moment, to enter that other world within that connects us all. Thank you. Sending you and Paul healing sunlight.

  9. Thanks very much Sally. I have loved your writing in Jo Jo too. It is fun to think we met at that competition for speaking events! We hope to go home on Monday.

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