Birthday Musings

girl Eileen

What a wonderful thing it is to be born, to live, to savor all that is living alongside. On this special day of my birthday, I give thanks for my parents for having “the sixth.” It was not what she wanted, but I came anyway and they were glad ultimately, finding comfort in my ways. I found beauty in theirs, and later, love. I have lived into, worked for, and allowed love. Its reach is beyond anything I could have dreamed: My husband. My sons. My friends. They are the embers in the hearth of my heart.

We each are chosen for some reason or other. The cat sitting on the back of my couch looks vacantly into the room, feeling sun on his tawny face. He’s done his job long enough in our house, keeping mice at bay. Soft and “purry,” he sleeps most of the day. I am awake to what is not yet finished in me.

The tree outside my window once marked the edge of a road. I name her Maple. She has seen generations of people, horses, wagons and hay. Children have played around her widening skirt. My sons tried climbing her when they were small, but her limbs were too high above the ground. They built a rope ladder up the side of her sister, whose tall stump lost all but two branches in an ice storm. I still see them scrambling up the trunk, wedging themselves atop the rotting platform like two squirrels, peering over the valley. The next generation of adventure. Maple and her sister are the guardians of my house.  I am guardian of my soul.

To be born is a wonderful thing. To live every moment is the gift.

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21 Responses to Birthday Musings

  1. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Hi Eileen, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To celebrate one’s birthday is, indeed, a special occassion…
    To enjoy the company of family, friends and cuddly independent kittens and cats is sweet. I bought my youngest sister and brother (twins) their first kitty at a Milton Academy fair, when they were little kids. Happy Happy…

  2. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Eileen, It is a surprise that you and my husband share the same birth date!! I baked him a cake from the cookbook, “The Way To Cook” by Julia Child. The recipe, Orange-Almond Spongecake Batter, page 458 is delicious. Happy Birthday for many years…

  3. Cherie says:

    Happy Birthday! We share a birthday Month. Mine is the 6th! I hope your day brings you back to remember that birth is a magical moment and that magic we cary with each and every one of us if we pause long enough to feel it! Planned or not we are precious!

  4. John Eldridge says:

    Some of the happenings in 1952:

    Eileen was born and…….

    1952 despite the war in Korea Americans considered themselves to be prospering with average worker earning $3,400 per year, a college teacher could expect to earn $5,100 per year . Three out of 5 families owned a car, 2 out of 3 families now had a telephone, 1 in 3 homes had a television. The average woman in America would be married by 20 years of age looking forward to raising a family but few continued with a career after children were born. Fast Food restaurants were growing in popularity, but the scourge of Polio hit many thousands of families ( 50,000 estimated ) . Many more cars in America were now fitted with automatic gearboxes and gas cost 25 cents per gallon. The worlds first passenger jet The Comet is produced in UK signaling the start of faster and cheaper air travel in later years.

  5. Alice says:

    Happy Birthday, Eileen!

  6. Eileen, the more I read your work, the happier I am that I was lucky enough to sit next to you at the JBC conference and meet such a woman of grace and life spirit. I look forward to sitting with you again, and continuing our conversation. Happy Birthday!

  7. Marietje Halbertsma says:

    Happy birthday! It is my birthday too. Since my mother died on my birthday three year ago, I now prefer to celebrate my birthday on March 8 (International Women’s Day), and remember my mother on March 4.

    • What a lovely way to remember your mother, Marietje! I realize I was a little misleading as my birthday is actually February 26th, when I wrote the piece, but it was not posted until March 4th! In any case, I hope you have a very happy birthday.

  8. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Hi Eileen,
    You carry me back to English Lit, my college major. So, what do you mean, when you say that your sons and husband bring your back “to the embers of your hearth”… Is Paul well and healed?

  9. Louise Gilbert says:

    Many good wishes Dear Eileen for a Happy Birthday month and year! I am grateful you were born because the world is better for your presence! Hugs, Louise

  10. Thank you Louise. And I can say the same about you!

  11. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Eileen, Yes, I thought you meant “the warmest part of your heart.” Glad to read Paul is “doing better every day”. Happy Spring!

  12. Every birthday is it’s own time. Stay in the present and each moment is full.

  13. Thanks Elaine. Yesterday, Paul walked fast up most of a steep hill! We are making progress. May we all progress up the hills of our lives! Happy Spring to you too!

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