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Nature has been on the rampage lately. Wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes have
kept the weather in the news and prayers in our hearts. Thankfully, all the people I
know in Florida have survived unscathed.

Here’s what I wrote a few days ago after my morning ritual of meditation in the hot

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Phelps Lake

I was in Wyoming a few weeks ago and had the chance to visit my uncle’s former ranch, whose land he gave back to the public as “The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve”. Continue reading

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-1I was walking near the woods in search of wild strawberries when my eyes lit upon a most unusual moth. Just hatched, its wings were one third the size of its abdomen. I reached down and it grabbed hold of my finger.

I watched in amazement as its abdomen pumped liquid into its wings, tripling them in size within an hour until they were longer than its body. Continue reading

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New Life

While I have not been writing posts for a while now, the birth of our new Morgan colt has come at a welcome time after the loss of my father. Valley View Rock n’ Roll, or ‘Rocky’, arrived at 2am last Thursday, May 26th. Continue reading

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Parting Gift

For those of you who weren’t in attendance, the following poem I wrote was included in my dad’s memorial.  I am happy to share his parting gift with you.





Parting Gift

Sitting in your empty room,
the sun yawning in the East,
yesterday’s departure heavy in the air,
remembering brown leaves and branches
now threading shadows on snow.

Oh, the green will come again,
as sun will flood through windows,
but it’s barren in here now.
The daffodil that kissed your foot
is withered, drooping on the bed.
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Lessons Eternal

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 7.45.24 PM8 Lessons From My Grandfather David Rockefeller

I’m grateful to my son Adam for writing the piece above to express his gratitude. I share the lessons he articulates.

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Dearest Dad, you no longer need your Medal of Freedom because you are now free forevermore. I miss you, and will always love you. Thank you for everything.

Thank you to all of you as well for your kind words and support during this difficult time.

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Wrapping It Up


As the season of gift giving is about to begin, I find myself reflecting on all that I’ve done, or not done, and what I want to do differently in the New Year. My urge to gather loose ends and wrap up presents is all part of the same flow. I thank each of you loyal readers for opening my blog week after week over the past two and a half years. Many of you shared your responses, either publicly or through email. I’ve enjoyed the connections tremendously, so the decision to conclude after this post was not easy.
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What To Pray For In Dark Times

imageStories of the violent attacks that happened in Paris and elsewhere around the world last Friday night, fell heavy on our hearts. It is my hope, that amidst our shock and grief —regardless of faith— we pull together.  Continue reading

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Gearing Up For The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and so are all those mouthwatering sweets, like pumpkin pie, plum pudding, turkey with stuffing, and chocolates from your friends. If you’re like me, you are already wondering how you are going to keep those pounds from accumulating! Here’s an idea for your waistline and health.











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