What To Pray For In Dark Times

imageStories of the violent attacks that happened in Paris and elsewhere around the world last Friday night, fell heavy on our hearts. It is my hope, that amidst our shock and grief —regardless of faith— we pull together.  Continue reading

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Gearing Up For The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and so are all those mouthwatering sweets, like pumpkin pie, plum pudding, turkey with stuffing, and chocolates from your friends. If you’re like me, you are already wondering how you are going to keep those pounds from accumulating! Here’s an idea for your waistline and health.











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Showing Up

imageI was reminded this past week when Paul and I were invited to the bedside of a longtime friend, Joel Elkes M.D., in his final days, of how important it is to me to be able to show up at a friend’s key life events. I’m fortunate in that I can cancel a schedule or change my plans when something of this magnitude comes up. We arrived just two days before his final breath.   Continue reading

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Me, Myself, And I: Pet Peeves With Grammar

Pronoun cartoon










I’ve been wondering lately why I’m bothered by people’s incorrect use of pronouns. Perhaps many simply were not taught or obligated to memorize those few important rules, as I was.  So I will don my educator cap and share a few examples of the proper use of pronouns for those of us who could use a refresher.    Continue reading

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Embodying Autumn

I have always had mixed feelings about autumn. As a child, it meant packing the freedom of summer into memory and dreading the impending homework that came with returning to school. Until I went away to North Country School, at the age of 12, I was so intimidated by failing at my coursework that I had recurring nightmares in anticipation. Today, I am generally less anxious as autumn creeps in, but with how exceptionally busy its been lately, and after looking at what remains of my to-do list, I find myself experiencing a familiar feeling of stress.   Continue reading

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imageWind and rain recently severed the last major branch off one of our favorite trees. It had a surprising effect on my husband and me. I have since talked others who shared the same experience about losing a tree by their home. Trees are more than tall plants. They are guardians, and keepers of time and memory. They also give us life. I will share my poem in homage to our fallen tree.

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Etiquette In The Digital Age

image1                                                                                                      Photo: Getty Images

My husband and I raised our sons during the fleeting history of Instant Messenger, followed later by cell phones, texting, and smart phones. Where once I wrote thank you letters, I have largely shifted to expressing thanks by email, and where I used to talk by phone, I now text for short messages. I sometimes wish that we had a guide to help us navigate these new ways of interacting with one another. I’ve tried to evolve my own personal list of etiquette guidelines to match the times.
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Shhhhh! Argue At A Whisper!






My husband and I usually work through a disagreement before going to sleep, but after a stressful day of travel recently, we were too tired, and the excitement of having a family weekend at Lake Tahoe masked the tension until the next morning. We woke up early and had began airing our grievances when our son knocked gently on the bedroom door to ask if we could keep our voices to a whisper. His request turned out to be a valuable lesson.
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The Miracle Of Migration

imageMigration in most animals is precipitated by changing seasons and natural rhythms, including food, weather, and breeding. I marvel at how whole species can move long distances without even the help of a car, train or plane! I thought about this yesterday as I flew across the country.      Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah

Tree-of-Life-055For Jews around the world, this is the season of reflection and forgiveness. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is a time to look at the ways in which we have transgressed and to apologize, personally, to anyone we may have offended or hurt. In so doing we are once again sealed in the Book of Life. Whether or not we are Jewish, I believe we could all benefit if we took a page from this book. Continue reading

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