Have a Heart?


In the weeks since my Mother’s Day blog post about The Talking Heart, I’ve received many inquiries from readers asking where they could acquire a heart of their own. 

I was glad to see this kind of enthusiasm. My husband Paul and I spent the past year working with a supplier to make them available to the public. After months of planning I’m pleased to be able to direct you to The Talking Heart™ page on my website, where it is now available for purchase.

I am particularly excited to be sharing The Talking Heart™  because, as you will find in the chapter in my book titled “Primal Parenting,” it has been such an indispensable tool for finding solutions to conflicts in my family. Paul and I still use the technique, both together and with our sons.

The Talking Heart™ is useful for all ages. The resolution strategies my sons suggested as children were often more creative and effective than either Paul or I could have imagined. Grown families, couples, co-workers, and friends can also use this tool to resolve conflicts and improve communications. I hope you will not only want one for yourself, but consider it as a gift to friends with children, couples interested in personal growth, teachers, counselors and other friends.

Please let me know how “The Talking Heart™” works for you. I hope that you, my readers, find it to be as valuable a tool as I have.

Order yours today!

Talking Heart

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10 Responses to Have a Heart?

  1. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Hi Eileen, I promise to buy your “Talking Heart”. I promise and my fingers are crossed that it will
    create wise conflict resolution. Remember when HAL, the first talking computer spoke? The WORLD was speechless because HAL the computer talked back to LOGIC.
    CONGRATULATIONS on your latest venture. Elaine

  2. Phyll says:

    Wonderful concept. Thank you for introducing us to this gentle approach to resolving conflicts and/or misunderstandings. Something everyone, the world over, can use and benefit from.

  3. Elaine Naddaff says:

    I have placed my order, online and am looking forward to “The Talking Heart” and the Celebration
    that follows the first conflict resolution!

  4. Yay Elaine! So happy you will be the first to purchase it! I hope you find it as helpful as we have.

  5. Judith A. Meyncke says:

    Thank you for your faithful posts! I truly enjoy each and every uplifting message. Speaking of hearts, may I ask how your husband is feeling post surgery? We prayed with great anticipation for him. Many Blessings to you and yours.

    • Dear Judith, Thank you so much for asking. Your prayers and those of many others made a huge difference. He’s doing fine now. The first 3 months were a little nerve-wracking but after that he’s made steady progress every day. He’s even running for short periods!!! Blessings to you and your community.

  6. Pat says:

    Fantastic. A great tool for furthering “heart talks” to facilitate conflict tesolution
    Love your “Armchair Wisdom.”

  7. Thanks so much Pat. I hope it will help many people.

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