Thoughts On A Foggy Morning







I’ve been in San Francisco for the past 10 days, my first long visit since we left 17 years ago.

Each morning I’ve had the privilege of watching fog creep over the cityscape, curl around buildings, and disperse. The photographs here are taken from our Airbnb rental in Twin Peaks.

I like fog because it accentuates the mystery of life. Sometimes there are things right before our eyes that we can’t see right away. If we wait awhile, most will become clear. I remind myself of the gift of fog when I am feeling impatient. Here is the view that inspired the poem I wrote yesterday:




Thoughts on a Foggy Morning

White paws uncurl
around a hillside park,
licking houses
farther with each breath,
its body stretches,
arching, reaching
until it is no more
than a whisker.

Healing strokes.


What in you requires patience to heal?

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6 Responses to Thoughts On A Foggy Morning

  1. joaneee says:

    Ohh Eileen,

    Your poetry and its images, flowing in ways never heard, never felt in such a way, tell me that we have a major poet in our midst. Your depth in your thinking and the myriad of ways you express it sets you above and apart. Sheer beauty . . . and your abilities make me believe you are a new star in the heavens of the poetic world.

    Simply glorious!


    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Thanks Joan. I am heartened by your response. In fact, I’m planning to compile years worth of poetry this January as my next book. I hope I find a publisher!

  2. Hi Eileen, Quickly, as if I might win a prize for swift creation, I pen this poem :

    “Clock The Fall”
    The morning November light and dark create
    An amazement belonging to other seasons.

    It is here, not there that foreign airs retain
    their tint of ancient airs and dramas.

    At least you have both feet planted on U.S. soil in San Francisco !_ !_ . I have never “ventured”
    there, even in these years of computer genius. What are you scouting for ? Have a great time
    with your family and friends. Give my regards to Hollywood, if you get there ! If you do visit the Beverly Hills, don’t get lost in the fog… watch the Beverly Hills Housewives and send a kiss to
    Adrienne Maloof, the housewife with the “mostest” !

    • eileenrockefeller says:

      Hi Elaine, I’m seeing you really enjoy writing poetry. Have you done this a long time? I was mostly in San Francisco. No interest in Hollywood. Sorry to disappoint!

  3. Eileen, You ask the kind question “What do you need to heal?” at the end of your article. I can not heal. I accept that position. I could not afford a lawyer to sue on the basis of discrimination and abuse by my past employers, Kuwait Petroleum and Amtrak. The employment discrimination charges and damages to me have been serious. Lucky me that I came from such a super family, fine education and strong person. Thanks for letting me try to “write” out what is “in”…

  4. eileenrockefeller says:

    Why can’t you heal Elaine? Did you know that lawyers often take cases like yours on contingent? In other words they wouldn’t charge you, but would only take a percentage if they won your case. But perhaps it is too long ago now. Whatever happened to you, I’m sorry that you suffered, and perhaps still are?

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