Creating A Good Day


It’s morning! The first yellow light of day lays a gentle hand on my bed. I open my eyes and look outside.  Next I check my iPhone for today’s weather.  It’s going to be partly cloudy with a stray thundershower in the afternoon. I go downstairs and boil water for my tea; Earl Grey, with a teaspoon of our own honey, the bees cared for by Paul. Grabbing my mug and towel, I go outside to our hot tub, and sink into gratitude.

The way we start each day helps shape it.  I am not easily drawn to habit, but there are a few things that I endeavor to enforce as a means of self-care, and the desire to live each day from within my greatest potential.

Many of my friends meditate. I admire their discipline. Perhaps I’m too much of a hedonist, but I can still my mind much easier if I’m soaking in hot water, looking and listening to the birds. I do this year round.

Sometimes I call a friend, but mostly I just look at the light and think about my friends. I spend a lot of time meditating on people, feeling into those I’m drawn to connect with, to others who might need a call or email, and to some who I have not been in touch with for a while.

The goldfinches flock around the feeder, and their sweet, cheery song brings me back to center. If I didn’t have a place outdoors, I would take a hot bath indoors and put on bird music. Sounds of nature calm my mind.

How do you start your day?
What practices help you have a good day?

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10 Responses to Creating A Good Day

  1. I don’t have a hot tub outside, but we have a porch that overlooks our field and our neighbor’s horse coral. Oatmeal with fresh berries, tea, Watson (our golden retriever) by my side, and a few deep breaths of sweet mountain air. Whatever the day might bring, it’s a good way to start.

  2. Elaine Naddaff says:

    Hi Eileen, I really like your writing and thoughts. You like “the day”! I have given much too much thought to how I start my day. I guess I love the morning light, the cup of coffee I drink, sitting outdoors in my robe. I love watching the neighbors walking their dogs, running and walking, passing by on the street, or sidewalk, early in the morning. Later in the morning, if I decide to walk around the park and side streets, I enjoy watching the parents and kids waiting at the school and camp bus stops. I love those scenes of daily life. My hand “waves” to my neighbors, as each of us greets the morning in his/her own way.

    If I were invited to your house on a rainy morning, would I hear bird calls coming from the inside of your place? Parrots!!!!

    Regards to Paul. All of “us” helped mend him, don’t you think? And, we stayed by your pen…

    • I like the images you paint Elaine.There is a lot of peace in morning light, before the day gets in full swing. And thanks for your regards to Paul. He’s back to about 60% of full capacity and gaining every day. He even ran 40 minutes the other day! (Slow, but steady…!!)

  3. Phyll says:

    Kitties on the bed start my day. Sometimes little paws knead my arm as I embrace their soft bodies. Our union is purr-fect. We feel loved, understood and accepted for who we are, as we are. Silence draws us near, in gentle meditation, we feel one another; grateful to be sharing sweet moments. Waking up slowly is key. Refreshed with my furry felines after deep slumber, we go downstairs to check on Sweetie Sue, asleep in the kitchen. Thank goodness she’s still snoring peacefully at age 15. Pancakes, fresh-squeezed orange juice and succulent strawberries (with your delicious syrup) await as does breakfast on the deck, under our storybook Linden Tree, aflutter with Cardinals, Blue Jays and Robins. Heaven on Earth. It’s all right in our own backyard. Embrace the day.

  4. Such sweet embraces Phyll! You squeeze love out of everything you touch. Thank you for your example.

  5. Nancy Corwin says:

    Enjoying a cup of coffee looking out my large bedroom window looking at birds, bunnies or whatever happens to come through. It helps me smile at my morning guests.

  6. Darrel says:

    This morning is getting a jump start with an amazing view of the mountains of Denali AK. Three days in Denali has refreshed my soul. A beautiful place to visit, but 40 degrees below zero in the winter sounds too refreshing!

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